At first, the St. Bohéme project was a supplement to an aspiring music career, but with each passing year since 2009, it has been an evolution of continual growth for itself and the participating members through the musical challenge and journey it has provided.

     I strive for St. Bohéme to authentically replicate lesser known compositions inspired by old world music spanning the last 135 years. To accomplish this particular creative decision requires a process that could simply be described as "artisan".

      The end result is a very eclectic and intriguing sound for all ages of listeners. Whether it be as a small quartet, or perhaps down the road as a 20 piece "Orkestar", we hope to continue inspiring audiences small and large with these fun sights and sounds that are fueled by a gratifying passion for music and the arts.

-Director/Manager Beaux Underwood


Beaux Underwood - Manager, Musical Director, Accordion, Vocals, Banjo, Guitar



Denney Fuller - Trumpet, Glockenspiel, Ukulele, Guitar



Allison King - Violin


Parker Childs - Doublebass



Benjamin Biggers - Soprano / Bass Clarinet, Alto/Tenor Saxophone



Cassandra Darley - Violin II



Braden Thorkelson- Trombone, Baritone



David Luna - Trumpet II



Emily Strobell - Marimba, Percussion